Wednesday, 12 February 2014

London baby!

Old Spitafields Market

If you know me well, you will know that i absolutely adore London. Thats why when i got the chance to go down for the day with my mum on a buying trip for Molls & Dolls new collection, i couldn't turn it down. It excites me more than any other place have been to. It's constant ability to make me buzz day and night is the reason why i want to move down there as quick as i can. A lot of people have warned me off living in London, and although they are talking from experience, i feel as though i need to experience myself first before i disregard it. Plus if you can't do it when your young... when can you?!

First of all we walked to Old Spitafield's Market. While walking around browsing at some of the stalls i actually felt a sense of sadness and couldn't help but realise that Old Spitafields Market which is famously know for its hustle and bustle and trading of Vintage and Handmade goods had lost its traditional meaning and has fallen into the typical market category of selling wholesale tacky clothing for cheap prices!

My sadness for Old Spitafields traditional values was shortlived as i set my eyes on the MAC shop. This is my favourite MAC shop as the staff are always so friendly and helpful and more than happy to assist you with the trying on of their products! As you will not be surprised to know we walked out with several items ranging from Lipsticks, lipliners, foundations and concealers (naughty!) After spending a good hour in the MAC shop we decided to refresh ourselves with a Chicken Burger, chips and Coke at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Beauuuutiful!

Mac Purchases
Gourmet Burger Kitchen, YUM! 

After feeling refreshed and rather stuffed we hit the VILA showroom. My oh my. So many beautiful clothes! I absolutely adore buying for collections but it is one of the hardest jobs ever!! Especially if you are into the majority of trends and like pretty much everything, like me. A particular print that caught my eye was this neon floral that was being carried through into several different pieces across the collection, Dress, trousers, top, blazer. Like i stated earlier, being into pretty much every trend makes choosing which pieces to buy 10x harder, especially as we only have a little shop and can't afford to pick every piece. After umming and arring for the duration of time we spent in the showroom on these two pieces, we ended up going for the dress because of its commercial value. Parting with the trousers made me want to cry therefore as SOON as they come out in the shops, i am getting a pair straight away!!! 

The Winner!

"Love at first sight"

Now onto the French Connection showroom in Camden. A beautiful showroom, full of simplicity and elegance, matching the brand very well. 

Choosing the pieces for a brand like French Connection is 10x harder than other brands such as Vila as the price points are very different. Although Vila is one of our best selling brands, its cost and retail price isn't overly expensive where as French Connection mainly have more expensive pieces. 

While guiding us through the new collections, Polly, our FC rep told us that the inspiration for the new collection had sprung from the Russian Winter Olympics 2014. As we browsed, the Russian themes started to shine through the clothing, just by using the traditional colours of Red, white and blue. These are two of my favourite pieces that we picked simply because of how unique they both are. The jumper is a fairly basic knit but the fur sleeves gave it an edge and made it stand out. Before deciding on which clothes to place in the shop, we have to go through the thought process of - Will it fit into to our customer base? 'Who can we see wearing it?' 'Is the retail price too extravagant?' The skater style of this dress is one of French Connections classics'. It gets repeated year after year because of its ability to suit many ladies body shapes and its makes them a lot of money.
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If you have any questions on buying, don't be afraid to ask! :-)

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