Saturday, 14 June 2014

'Why is everyone calling me a hippy?'

Firstly i'd like to just say sorry for the horrendous background of these photos. It was the only decent location i could get in my garden as the sun was too bright!

The title of this post sums up what i was saying to my best friend Maisie all evening on Wednesday! After a long couple of days in London i decided to drag my friend along with me and go and watch my boyfriend play Cricket. (Cricket is just an excuse to sit in the sunshine, gossiping and catching up) Which is exactly what we did! However if i had a pound for the amount of people that said i looked like a hippy i would be getting a few rounds in for everybody tonight. Sighhhh. Although i being called a hippy isn't the worst thing i could be called i guess!

After getting this beautiful Topshop Kimono as a present from my mum for my new job, I was going crazy trying to figure out what to wear with it. As its longline and patterned i figured that the only thing i could team with it is something plain. After a search about in Oxford Street Topshop i grabbed this little t-shirt material tight dress for only £18, a classic basic and perfect under all my many kimonos! The only thing i would say about the dress is that its very short. I have a tall version and as you can see its not by any means long so if you are a tall girl like me, its best to grab it in the Tall section me thinks.

I love this fringed bag from H&M. I got it last year before i went to Ibiza and have had so much use out of it and it still looks as good as new! I have had lots of people ask me where its from but because  it was last season i didn't think they would have any luck in getting it however much to my surprise when i walked into my local H&M the other day, they had started selling it again and in nude swell... oooooooooo!

I love this jewellery combination so much!  The long necklace is a new buy from Topshop. It was only £12.50 and it goes with so much of my stuff. I love turquoise at the moment! I have been unsure of these chokers since they came out but after spotting a cheap one in Matalan the other week i thought i'd give it a try and i have ended up loving it! It gives any outfit that little bit of edge without being too much. However i am slightly sick of the sight of them as it seems like every girl in England has one but i'm still going to try and rock it anyway! *Emphasis on the try*

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that this hat has been the main focus of all my photos recently. After getting it from Topshop a couple of years ago, i have barely worn it however this summer i haven't been without it! I loveeeeee it 

Another buy from Matalan! These slides were in my local store for £14!!! What a bargain. As you can see they have a really thick sole which makes them super comfortable and easy to wear. I also love the contrast of the white sole and black straps. 

Just a shameless selfie! 

Thursday, 12 June 2014


I'm back... for a bit anyway! Once again been so slack at blogging recently, college is crazy however i start my new job in Shoreditch, London in a couple of weeks and i'm commuting so will have time on the train rides back and forth to hopefully get down a few posts! My new job role for anybody who is wondering is a Marketing, PR & Social Media intern at a company called Spleat.
Spleat are a new up and coming mobile payment app giving you the option to split the bill using your mobile which saves all the hassle of splitting the bill awkwardly when you and all your friends go out for a dinner. It's free on the app store.. go and check it out!


These last few weeks have been crazy busy. I have been here then and everywhere therefore me and my boyfriend decided to take a break and visit my favourite place of all time... London! Because it was my brothers birthday we visited a really cool, sleek restaurant called STK on the last evening of our stay. Its a steakhouse in Central London and its beaaaautiful! 100% recommend it. In my usual Molly way, i panicked the day before we left and had no clue what to wear. After googling the dress code, i decided that it was a fairly dressy affair and picked a few of my trusty dressy clothes to pack and hoped for the best!

In the end i opted for the Skirt/Jacket combo. This little dogtooth skirt is from Topshop earlier this year.. even though i have worn and blogged about it before, i went off it a little bit but my love for it is back in full swing again! I got the French Connection jacket last week from my mums boutique after weeks of trying it on and debating wether i needed or wanted it but i decided to go for it as you can't go too wrong with a little white cropped jacket can you? Since i got it, i have worn it non stop and had sooo many compliments on it! Teamed with my beautiful Michael Kors Bag which i just absolutely adore, black strappy Zara heels which i love! Being a tall girl anyway (5'9) i struggle to find heels that don't make me look like a complete giant. These have a low block heel and are comfortable swell! Topshop black basic cami and Topshop Floppy hat and i was finally set for a fun filled evening of cocktails and food = perfect!

Felfie (Feet Selfie!) 

I'm still not over monochrome and i don't think i ever will be? The trend still excites me and whenever there is a monochrome piece being featured on a mannequin in store, it draws me in immediately. However as much as i do love Black and white, i can't help but think that sometimes it looks a bit 'officey' ? (Is that even a word?!) I tried my best to get away from the Office look so i chucked on my floppy hat with the outfit making it a little more fun.

Always time for a Instagram Selfie!