Thursday, 17 July 2014

Printed trouser lovin'

Firstly i'd like to apologise for how pale I am, its disgraceful. 

Does anybody else find it hard to know what to wear in this ridiculous heat without looking like a complete hussy?! To prevent a waterfall of sweat the only things to wear are; shorts, dresses or skirts. I am a tall girl admittedly, but the shorts in the shops are more like knickers and the dresses and skirts... well, lets just say if one gust of wind were to come my way there would be some very, very sore eyes! After a rant to my mum about how the high street chains do not cater properly for ladies over 5ft6 i proceeded with a speech about how I am going to design my own fashion line for tall ladies... which lasted a whole of 2 minutes. 

Trousers: Topshop
Top: H&M
Necklace: Matalan
Sunglasses: Topshop
Shoes: Matalan


If you know me well, you will know that i LOVE LOVE LOVE printed trousers. Last winter I wore them pretty much everyday for college with a basic jumper or cami. I can never get enough! So after these little baby's catching my eye in Topshop, they were defo getting put in the 'trying on' pile. 

Whenever i pick up a printed trouser, 9/10 its a cigarette pant. I never usually go for these sorts of casual, baggy, style trousers as sometimes they can be very un-flattering to my figure as I'm very hippy, leggy and bummy. However I am in love. They are amazingly silky, comfortable and so so cool. Have never loved anything more. Teamed up with a basic crop, sliders, big glasses and a simple necklace. I felt chic and ready to face the day.. in style and comfort. 

This picture backs up my 'Hippy, leggy and bummy' statement!
Sliders: Matalan
Hat: H&M


Saturday, 14 June 2014

'Why is everyone calling me a hippy?'

Firstly i'd like to just say sorry for the horrendous background of these photos. It was the only decent location i could get in my garden as the sun was too bright!

The title of this post sums up what i was saying to my best friend Maisie all evening on Wednesday! After a long couple of days in London i decided to drag my friend along with me and go and watch my boyfriend play Cricket. (Cricket is just an excuse to sit in the sunshine, gossiping and catching up) Which is exactly what we did! However if i had a pound for the amount of people that said i looked like a hippy i would be getting a few rounds in for everybody tonight. Sighhhh. Although i being called a hippy isn't the worst thing i could be called i guess!

After getting this beautiful Topshop Kimono as a present from my mum for my new job, I was going crazy trying to figure out what to wear with it. As its longline and patterned i figured that the only thing i could team with it is something plain. After a search about in Oxford Street Topshop i grabbed this little t-shirt material tight dress for only £18, a classic basic and perfect under all my many kimonos! The only thing i would say about the dress is that its very short. I have a tall version and as you can see its not by any means long so if you are a tall girl like me, its best to grab it in the Tall section me thinks.

I love this fringed bag from H&M. I got it last year before i went to Ibiza and have had so much use out of it and it still looks as good as new! I have had lots of people ask me where its from but because  it was last season i didn't think they would have any luck in getting it however much to my surprise when i walked into my local H&M the other day, they had started selling it again and in nude swell... oooooooooo!

I love this jewellery combination so much!  The long necklace is a new buy from Topshop. It was only £12.50 and it goes with so much of my stuff. I love turquoise at the moment! I have been unsure of these chokers since they came out but after spotting a cheap one in Matalan the other week i thought i'd give it a try and i have ended up loving it! It gives any outfit that little bit of edge without being too much. However i am slightly sick of the sight of them as it seems like every girl in England has one but i'm still going to try and rock it anyway! *Emphasis on the try*

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that this hat has been the main focus of all my photos recently. After getting it from Topshop a couple of years ago, i have barely worn it however this summer i haven't been without it! I loveeeeee it 

Another buy from Matalan! These slides were in my local store for £14!!! What a bargain. As you can see they have a really thick sole which makes them super comfortable and easy to wear. I also love the contrast of the white sole and black straps. 

Just a shameless selfie! 

Thursday, 12 June 2014


I'm back... for a bit anyway! Once again been so slack at blogging recently, college is crazy however i start my new job in Shoreditch, London in a couple of weeks and i'm commuting so will have time on the train rides back and forth to hopefully get down a few posts! My new job role for anybody who is wondering is a Marketing, PR & Social Media intern at a company called Spleat.
Spleat are a new up and coming mobile payment app giving you the option to split the bill using your mobile which saves all the hassle of splitting the bill awkwardly when you and all your friends go out for a dinner. It's free on the app store.. go and check it out!


These last few weeks have been crazy busy. I have been here then and everywhere therefore me and my boyfriend decided to take a break and visit my favourite place of all time... London! Because it was my brothers birthday we visited a really cool, sleek restaurant called STK on the last evening of our stay. Its a steakhouse in Central London and its beaaaautiful! 100% recommend it. In my usual Molly way, i panicked the day before we left and had no clue what to wear. After googling the dress code, i decided that it was a fairly dressy affair and picked a few of my trusty dressy clothes to pack and hoped for the best!

In the end i opted for the Skirt/Jacket combo. This little dogtooth skirt is from Topshop earlier this year.. even though i have worn and blogged about it before, i went off it a little bit but my love for it is back in full swing again! I got the French Connection jacket last week from my mums boutique after weeks of trying it on and debating wether i needed or wanted it but i decided to go for it as you can't go too wrong with a little white cropped jacket can you? Since i got it, i have worn it non stop and had sooo many compliments on it! Teamed with my beautiful Michael Kors Bag which i just absolutely adore, black strappy Zara heels which i love! Being a tall girl anyway (5'9) i struggle to find heels that don't make me look like a complete giant. These have a low block heel and are comfortable swell! Topshop black basic cami and Topshop Floppy hat and i was finally set for a fun filled evening of cocktails and food = perfect!

Felfie (Feet Selfie!) 

I'm still not over monochrome and i don't think i ever will be? The trend still excites me and whenever there is a monochrome piece being featured on a mannequin in store, it draws me in immediately. However as much as i do love Black and white, i can't help but think that sometimes it looks a bit 'officey' ? (Is that even a word?!) I tried my best to get away from the Office look so i chucked on my floppy hat with the outfit making it a little more fun.

Always time for a Instagram Selfie! 

Friday, 9 May 2014

Bank Holiday Blues

H&M KIMONO - £7.99

BOOHOO. The storm of bank holidays are officially over for a while.. I could of totally got used to having Mondays off work lazying around on tumblr all day! However this weeks bank holiday wasn't such a lazy one, It involved handing my CV out around Cambridge and doing the typical bank holiday thing.. seeing the fam! It was a beautiful day so i decided to dig out all the summer bits that i have been saving for when the sunshine decided it wanted to pop out!

I am completely in love with this H&M mint green kimono. Especially at the price of £7.99 - such a bargain! I went shopping in Stratford a few weeks ago and the VM had styled it up on the mannequin with a vest top, and a skater skirt. Now don't get me wrong, i do love a skirt but i can't seem to get my legs out JUST yet. They're what i would like to call.. Winter legs! Pasty, un moisturised (is that even a word?!) and just erghhhhhh. A couple more months until the skirts will be coming out yet me thinks.

Once again my failture to take pictures of my outfits properly like a good blogger has sprung up again! I'm sorrrryyyy I'm always in such a rush i just have to make do with whatever picture i get that day but i promise to start soon!

Unfortnatley the Jeans and top that i have styled up in the picture above aren't the actual thing because i can't find a picture of them but i have tried my best to find replicas! 

Babys do actually like me.... promise!

Slides. Well well well, they seem to be the most controversial shoe in fashion history! I personally LOVE them. After falling in love with the Whistles slides a couple of weeks ago, when i saw these fairly similar replicas in Topshop i had to get them! Much to my friend Daisy's Hate who stated to me when i wore them at college 'Do you do realise that they are the ugliest shoe of 2014?!' Haha! I've worn them nearly everyday i have got them simply because of their comfort.

What do you think of slides? 
Hot or not? 

Friday, 14 March 2014

Birthday TOPSHOP Haul

So last Monday was my 19th birthday! Happy birthday to me.... :-) To celebrate turning 19, which i must admit isn't great. It's 1 year older to getting more responsiblites which scares the living s**t out of me to be completely honest! I love being young and not having a care in the world about anything. Anyways, to celebrate being 19, me and my mum decided to go out on a shopping spree to my favourite place of all time... TOPSHOP. Being a teenage girl, Topshop always has and always will be some sort of dream like world. It is full of beautiful, cool, lovely clothes that make you feel amazing and stylish. But it is also expensive. Very expensive. Especially when you are a student! Although i'm not complaining... the 10% student discount is very handy. Being my birthday, my lovely mother decided to treat me to a spring/summer wardrobe. Thankyou mumma! I also spent the Tuesday and Wednesday in London  - it was a perfect excuse to wear my outfits! I got a couple more bits in Oxford Street swell with my vouchers that i got for my birthday. As you can see below, everything that is pictured is from Topshop. I have separated them into the outfits that i have already worn or i am going to wear. (keen?! I know.) The only thing that isn't from Topshop is the Micheal Kors clutch bag that i have stated below. 

Enjoy x

2. Knitted Crop Jumper £36 (Various colours)
3. Baxter Jeans £40 (Various Colours)
I actually got the ripped version but there wasn't a picture on website.
4. Flower Lace Tee £38 (Various Colours)
5. Coin Necklace £6.50
7. Snake Skater Shoes £20 (Various Colours)
8. Patent Satchel £20 (Various Colours)
9. Yellow Daisy Necklace £5 (Various Colours 
10. Daisy Tee £18
11. Knitted Lace Crop Jumper £34 (Various Colours)
12. Dogtooth Zip Skirt £34
13. MEGA Cut Out Boots £38

Pretty in pink
(wore tights)

This was the first outfit i wore to London. Because we were spending the whole day shopping on Oxford Street i was nervous about wearing these shoes as they have a slight heel and girls as you know, shopping can be hard on your feet at the best of times let alone with a heel! But they were amazing. Super comfy! I got a couple of lovely compliments on this outfit from the public, which is always nice! 

Black & Gold
The Black SkortFur GiletBlack Boots aren't particulary new as i got them for christmas but the links are still featured. (wore tights)

If you know me well, you know will know that i have a slight obsession with Black & Gold. OK, a MASSIVE obsession! It all started when i got my first lovely gold Radley watch for my 18th. Ever since then, pretty much everything has to be black and gold. The obsession has really spiralled out of control when my lovely boyfriend got me this MK clutch last christmas. I am OBSESSED with it. I wore this outfit out to dinner at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant, The Maze. Which was AMAZING by the way. If you are in London for a special occasion, definitely check it out. It's fairly pricey but the food and overall service is well worth it. Heres a cheesy fisheye selfie of me wearing this outfit in a really funky club called SKETCH in mayfair, another awesome place that you should visit! The toilets are eggs. YES EGGS! Amazing.

Bumble Bee

This was the second day outfit. After wearing heels all day and evening the previous day, i couldn't even look at a heel. Therefore i opted for my comfy skater shoes. This was an extremely comfy outfit, perfect for going to the theatre and just generally chilling out! This jumper was given to me as a gift by one of my best friends and her family, they obviously know me very well! I love yellow.

Skater Girl

I didn't actually get time to wear this outfit although i wish i had of. I LOVE it! It's so me. I can't wait to wear it in the summer to a BBQ or a festival with curly hair and a white scrunchie. 

I wore this outfit to college the day after London which can i just say was HIGHLY depressing! I love this little crop jumper. I have had my eye on it for ages in a different colour but wasn't 100% sure. My boyfriend told me to wait until we get to London because they're may be different colours, and strangley he was correct! I fell in love with this peachy colour. Perfect way to add some colour into your outfit! 

Hope you enjoyed and liked all the outfits! Let me know what you think below 


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Photoshoot madness!

For years now i've always wanted to do a photo shoot for Molls & Dolls Boutique and the past few weeks have been constant planning to do that. And let me tell you, planning a photoshoot seems a lot easier than it looks!! There are so many things that need to be considered - location, clothing, styling, fittings, models, make up, hair, poses and different shots. Luckily, i have a very talented group of people around me and when we all came together, we made an amazing team. The aim of the shoot was to feature the spring/summer collection fitting in with the brand as well as having a bit of fun! So here they are... 

Printed blazer - Minimum

Mint Dress - Minimum

Loungewear - VILA

Block dress - French Connection 

Long dress (left) - Minimum
Dress (right) - French Connection 
Long dress - Minimum

Daisy top - French Connection
Cardigan - Darling

Printed Blazer - Minimum
Shirt - VILA
Leather look leggings - VILA

Printed Blazer - Minimum
Jumper - VILA
Printed trousers - VILA

Long dress - Minimum 

The shoot went perfectly. The weather was amazing giving us beautiful lighting all day. After organising this for weeks, i decided on Ickworth House (Summerhouse) as my location setting however speaking to a National Trust receptionist, it wasn't possible for us to shoot there due to laws to protect the inside of the Summer House from the general public. So at 5:00pm on Saturday Evening, i was left with no location, 12 hours before we were supposed to shoot. As you can imagine, i was in complete panic mode! After ringing around desperately, i spoke to my best friends brother, Jordan and he suggested a beautiful country house B&B in Buxhall. Copinger Hall. After liaising with the lovely owner, Lisa, i was lucky enough to shoot there the next day. It was perfect and better than any location i could of wished for. Situated on beautiful grounds, Copinger Hall is the definition of perfect with its georgian decorated rooms, drawing room and dining room for you to relax in aswell as it's lovely hostess, Lisa. If you are looking somewhere local to stay, i would recommend Copinger Hall to anybody. Make a booking here

The shoot was a success! Thankyou to all my lovely models, Emily Gooderham, Rebecca Ridley and Hollie Hubbard. Eve Randall for the amazing make-up and Maisie Lee and Roberta Spurdens for helping us achieve this! 

A few behind the scenes photographs.. 

Lots of love,

Molly x

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

London baby!

Old Spitafields Market

If you know me well, you will know that i absolutely adore London. Thats why when i got the chance to go down for the day with my mum on a buying trip for Molls & Dolls new collection, i couldn't turn it down. It excites me more than any other place have been to. It's constant ability to make me buzz day and night is the reason why i want to move down there as quick as i can. A lot of people have warned me off living in London, and although they are talking from experience, i feel as though i need to experience myself first before i disregard it. Plus if you can't do it when your young... when can you?!

First of all we walked to Old Spitafield's Market. While walking around browsing at some of the stalls i actually felt a sense of sadness and couldn't help but realise that Old Spitafields Market which is famously know for its hustle and bustle and trading of Vintage and Handmade goods had lost its traditional meaning and has fallen into the typical market category of selling wholesale tacky clothing for cheap prices!

My sadness for Old Spitafields traditional values was shortlived as i set my eyes on the MAC shop. This is my favourite MAC shop as the staff are always so friendly and helpful and more than happy to assist you with the trying on of their products! As you will not be surprised to know we walked out with several items ranging from Lipsticks, lipliners, foundations and concealers (naughty!) After spending a good hour in the MAC shop we decided to refresh ourselves with a Chicken Burger, chips and Coke at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Beauuuutiful!

Mac Purchases
Gourmet Burger Kitchen, YUM! 

After feeling refreshed and rather stuffed we hit the VILA showroom. My oh my. So many beautiful clothes! I absolutely adore buying for collections but it is one of the hardest jobs ever!! Especially if you are into the majority of trends and like pretty much everything, like me. A particular print that caught my eye was this neon floral that was being carried through into several different pieces across the collection, Dress, trousers, top, blazer. Like i stated earlier, being into pretty much every trend makes choosing which pieces to buy 10x harder, especially as we only have a little shop and can't afford to pick every piece. After umming and arring for the duration of time we spent in the showroom on these two pieces, we ended up going for the dress because of its commercial value. Parting with the trousers made me want to cry therefore as SOON as they come out in the shops, i am getting a pair straight away!!! 

The Winner!

"Love at first sight"

Now onto the French Connection showroom in Camden. A beautiful showroom, full of simplicity and elegance, matching the brand very well. 

Choosing the pieces for a brand like French Connection is 10x harder than other brands such as Vila as the price points are very different. Although Vila is one of our best selling brands, its cost and retail price isn't overly expensive where as French Connection mainly have more expensive pieces. 

While guiding us through the new collections, Polly, our FC rep told us that the inspiration for the new collection had sprung from the Russian Winter Olympics 2014. As we browsed, the Russian themes started to shine through the clothing, just by using the traditional colours of Red, white and blue. These are two of my favourite pieces that we picked simply because of how unique they both are. The jumper is a fairly basic knit but the fur sleeves gave it an edge and made it stand out. Before deciding on which clothes to place in the shop, we have to go through the thought process of - Will it fit into to our customer base? 'Who can we see wearing it?' 'Is the retail price too extravagant?' The skater style of this dress is one of French Connections classics'. It gets repeated year after year because of its ability to suit many ladies body shapes and its makes them a lot of money.
Scroll Down for pictures.



If you have any questions on buying, don't be afraid to ask! :-)