Friday, 9 May 2014

Bank Holiday Blues

H&M KIMONO - £7.99

BOOHOO. The storm of bank holidays are officially over for a while.. I could of totally got used to having Mondays off work lazying around on tumblr all day! However this weeks bank holiday wasn't such a lazy one, It involved handing my CV out around Cambridge and doing the typical bank holiday thing.. seeing the fam! It was a beautiful day so i decided to dig out all the summer bits that i have been saving for when the sunshine decided it wanted to pop out!

I am completely in love with this H&M mint green kimono. Especially at the price of £7.99 - such a bargain! I went shopping in Stratford a few weeks ago and the VM had styled it up on the mannequin with a vest top, and a skater skirt. Now don't get me wrong, i do love a skirt but i can't seem to get my legs out JUST yet. They're what i would like to call.. Winter legs! Pasty, un moisturised (is that even a word?!) and just erghhhhhh. A couple more months until the skirts will be coming out yet me thinks.

Once again my failture to take pictures of my outfits properly like a good blogger has sprung up again! I'm sorrrryyyy I'm always in such a rush i just have to make do with whatever picture i get that day but i promise to start soon!

Unfortnatley the Jeans and top that i have styled up in the picture above aren't the actual thing because i can't find a picture of them but i have tried my best to find replicas! 

Babys do actually like me.... promise!

Slides. Well well well, they seem to be the most controversial shoe in fashion history! I personally LOVE them. After falling in love with the Whistles slides a couple of weeks ago, when i saw these fairly similar replicas in Topshop i had to get them! Much to my friend Daisy's Hate who stated to me when i wore them at college 'Do you do realise that they are the ugliest shoe of 2014?!' Haha! I've worn them nearly everyday i have got them simply because of their comfort.

What do you think of slides? 
Hot or not?