Friday, 14 March 2014

Birthday TOPSHOP Haul

So last Monday was my 19th birthday! Happy birthday to me.... :-) To celebrate turning 19, which i must admit isn't great. It's 1 year older to getting more responsiblites which scares the living s**t out of me to be completely honest! I love being young and not having a care in the world about anything. Anyways, to celebrate being 19, me and my mum decided to go out on a shopping spree to my favourite place of all time... TOPSHOP. Being a teenage girl, Topshop always has and always will be some sort of dream like world. It is full of beautiful, cool, lovely clothes that make you feel amazing and stylish. But it is also expensive. Very expensive. Especially when you are a student! Although i'm not complaining... the 10% student discount is very handy. Being my birthday, my lovely mother decided to treat me to a spring/summer wardrobe. Thankyou mumma! I also spent the Tuesday and Wednesday in London  - it was a perfect excuse to wear my outfits! I got a couple more bits in Oxford Street swell with my vouchers that i got for my birthday. As you can see below, everything that is pictured is from Topshop. I have separated them into the outfits that i have already worn or i am going to wear. (keen?! I know.) The only thing that isn't from Topshop is the Micheal Kors clutch bag that i have stated below. 

Enjoy x

2. Knitted Crop Jumper £36 (Various colours)
3. Baxter Jeans £40 (Various Colours)
I actually got the ripped version but there wasn't a picture on website.
4. Flower Lace Tee £38 (Various Colours)
5. Coin Necklace £6.50
7. Snake Skater Shoes £20 (Various Colours)
8. Patent Satchel £20 (Various Colours)
9. Yellow Daisy Necklace £5 (Various Colours 
10. Daisy Tee £18
11. Knitted Lace Crop Jumper £34 (Various Colours)
12. Dogtooth Zip Skirt £34
13. MEGA Cut Out Boots £38

Pretty in pink
(wore tights)

This was the first outfit i wore to London. Because we were spending the whole day shopping on Oxford Street i was nervous about wearing these shoes as they have a slight heel and girls as you know, shopping can be hard on your feet at the best of times let alone with a heel! But they were amazing. Super comfy! I got a couple of lovely compliments on this outfit from the public, which is always nice! 

Black & Gold
The Black SkortFur GiletBlack Boots aren't particulary new as i got them for christmas but the links are still featured. (wore tights)

If you know me well, you know will know that i have a slight obsession with Black & Gold. OK, a MASSIVE obsession! It all started when i got my first lovely gold Radley watch for my 18th. Ever since then, pretty much everything has to be black and gold. The obsession has really spiralled out of control when my lovely boyfriend got me this MK clutch last christmas. I am OBSESSED with it. I wore this outfit out to dinner at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant, The Maze. Which was AMAZING by the way. If you are in London for a special occasion, definitely check it out. It's fairly pricey but the food and overall service is well worth it. Heres a cheesy fisheye selfie of me wearing this outfit in a really funky club called SKETCH in mayfair, another awesome place that you should visit! The toilets are eggs. YES EGGS! Amazing.

Bumble Bee

This was the second day outfit. After wearing heels all day and evening the previous day, i couldn't even look at a heel. Therefore i opted for my comfy skater shoes. This was an extremely comfy outfit, perfect for going to the theatre and just generally chilling out! This jumper was given to me as a gift by one of my best friends and her family, they obviously know me very well! I love yellow.

Skater Girl

I didn't actually get time to wear this outfit although i wish i had of. I LOVE it! It's so me. I can't wait to wear it in the summer to a BBQ or a festival with curly hair and a white scrunchie. 

I wore this outfit to college the day after London which can i just say was HIGHLY depressing! I love this little crop jumper. I have had my eye on it for ages in a different colour but wasn't 100% sure. My boyfriend told me to wait until we get to London because they're may be different colours, and strangley he was correct! I fell in love with this peachy colour. Perfect way to add some colour into your outfit! 

Hope you enjoyed and liked all the outfits! Let me know what you think below