Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Personal Feature Wall

1. Feature Wall
2. Zoomed in 

3. Festival/Ibiza Bands

4. Inside the Brown book, personal memories
5. Quotations board 

6. 3D view

This is something that i have been wanting to do for years. I've seen various people try their hand at their own feature wall and post it on their blogs/websites so i thought i'd have a go myself and this is how it came out! It's the pride and joy of my bedroom, my very own 3D personal statement. It's an everlasting timeline of all my experiences and memories, it grows with me. Every new experience i go through is documented through my wall which is why it makes it so special to me. Their are many things on the wall that other people who do not know me well, will not understand. For instance, my quotations board on picture number 5 is something that was made for my by my Godmother, my favourite quotes and personal jokes that me and my friends have shared throughout the years. Picture 4 - An 18th birthday book packed full of photographic memories made by my best friends. (Yes i know, i look cute in my ballet leotard!) Picture 3 - My first girls holiday to Ibiza and festival with my best friends, the best 2 weeks of my life!

If you want any help or advice with creating a 3D feature wall, just comment below or email me at


Monday, 27 January 2014

Grammy's 2014

1. Best Dressed 

2. Worst Dressed

3. Beyonce 2014/2013?

Ah the Grammys! One of my favourite award shows of all time. The next day is spent trailing through the Daily Mail app on my phone gazing at beautiful dresses and watching all the quirky music performances! If I'm honest, i struggled to find more than 2 badly dressed celebrities, even the ones I've chosen (Pic 3) aren't completely disastrous! On the other hand i ALSO couldn't pick a NO1 best dressed without being completely and utterly bias to my favourite artist & women, Beyonce. Eventually i came up with a Top Four Best Dressed! (Pic 1) No matter what Katy Perry wears, Valentino or no Valentino, her sense of style always matches her character and personality perfectly which in my eyes, is what fashion is all about! Ciara is a perfect example of how you can rock a baby bump!! At the glowing stage of her pregnancy, the beige/gold colour theme dress looked magical with her skin tone. Now here is someone that is never makes my shortlist for best dressed, Taylor Swift. Her girly, childish, innocence makes it hard for me to take her seriously in the fashion industry. However she has got it spot on with this slinky Gucci number. Well Done Tay!

PICTURE 3 - Like i stated earlier, i found it tough to find many badly dressed celebrities but Rita Ora and Cyndi Lauper have unfortunately made it into my Top 2 this year! Rita is normally one of my favourite dressed celebrities and i was so disappointed to see what she'd rocked up in. Looking like she'd been wrapped up in Green tin foil, this dress just wasn't a hit for me! As for Cindy... an improvement on her previous Grammys look but still not good enough I'm afraid!

After my confession of adoring Beyonce and the beautiful Micheal Costello dress, i took a trip down memory lane so i could compare previous Grammy outfits. I stumbled across my favourite outfit of all time... The Osman jumpsuit. I want it!!!!

Who was your Best Dressed? 

Monday, 20 January 2014

The little things..

Looking through my outerwear collection last week left me uninspired, miserable and throwing one of my typical 'I have nothing to wear!' tantrums 5 minutes before i had to be out the door. After trying on every single coat, gilet and jacket that I and my mum own's (she will kill me!) i was left with lots of exciting colours to choose from, black, black and more black. Now, don't get me wrong, i love black but funnily enough i was trying my hardest to not look like part of the Addam's family. I felt like this was perfect timing to act upon trying on the coat that had been catching my eye in the River Island window for weeks. Being a typical girl, i tried it on, fell in love with it, and then i looked at the price... £80. If you know me, you'll know that if i love something i will just buy it and not worry about the price tag, but as my bank account and my boyfriend kindly stated, this month i NEED to worry. I trundled out of the shop with my head hanging down, feeling majorly sorry for myself and asking myself the same question that i ask every single time i walk out of shop... 'WHY AM I NOT RICH?!' the shopping trip was coming to end and i still hadn't found what i wanted & trust me girls, i was in the mindset where i was quite literally not walking to my car without a bag with a coloured coat in it. My head was so down it was near enough scraping the pavement when i said to Dale my boyfriend, 'i'll just have a little look in New Look' and there it was! From afar, it looked like a exact replica of my beloved River Island coat, a beautiful dusky pink, textured longline coat. I searched for my size on the rail like my life depended on it and to make sure i didn't make the same mistake as last time, i checked the price... £54.99, bargain! I took it to the fits, tried it on, loved it, got to the till and forgot i had my student discount card making the coat £49!!! 

I was skipping along to my car as happy as can possibly be! The little things hey... :-)